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Welcome to Grid Solar and Electrical

At Grid Solar and Electrical, our team of experts provide reliable and affordable electrical services for residential and commercial clients.

Why Choose Us?

Industry Knowledge 

With nearly a decade of solar experience at one of Australia's leading solar companies, Solar has grown to be a passion. Wether it be Design, Install or Co-ordination with Top tier builders or Architects, 

We have expert knowledge in the field. 

Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand the importance of staying within budget without compromising quality. Our team provides cost-effective solutions for all your electrical needs.

Increased Property Value

Energy Efficient homes can add 10% value to your home.

Upgrading existing electrical and swapping gas to electric will help bring your energy costs down by running everything off solar.

Talk to us about your investment today.

After service support 

We provide constant support for all our clients. If you have any questions or concerns we will only be a phone call away. 


At Grid Solar and Electrical, Our installation is broken into 4 simple steps. From the initial quote right through till it's certified and operational.

Step 1
Energy Analysis

Our team will discuss saving goals, analyse your electricity bills, electricity consumption patterns and whether you qualify for a rebate.


We aim to create a system that suits your goals that's within your budget.  

We then will visit your home or business to plan installation and discuss locations and access. 

Step 2
System Design  

We provide a detailed assessment based on your design that shows annual production, savings and system performance including payback period. This will show a custom design that's tailored to you, your property and your specific usage.

Step 3
Installation & Comissioning 

Its time to install!  Our qualified team will ensure all the best equipment is used to ensure the longevity of your install.


Installation will be in a timely efficient manner. Once complete we will commission and set up your app to see live monitoring of your solar production. 

Step 4
Grid Connection

As per Energy Safe Regulations, before the system is turned on, we arrange for an independent  licensed inspector to confirm the systems compliance. We handle all utility connections to ensure that your solar system is properly connected and functioning.

Contact Us

Contact us today to schedule your electrical service appointment. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional service and workmanship.

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