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Panel Selection 

All our panels have minimum 25 year warranty.​

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Premium Panels


Sunpower are the most efficient panels in the world. These premium panels are a sleek design and worth every penny!


This is undoubtedly the most durable panel in the world. It has built in Enphase micro inverters and its backed by 40 years warranty.


Crack free, heat resistant cells. Engineered to power through all elements and be the most efficient panel ever made! The Maxeon range has 40 years warranty.

Popular Panels 

Cost effective panels that don't compromise on quality.


Jinko 440w

Jinko Solar offers great value considering their efficiency, ratings and long lifespan. This panel is the most popular choice.

25 years warranty 


Jinko 475w 

Jinko is Australia's most popular panel,

Affordable, durable and backed by 25 years warranty!


Trina 440w
Vertex S+ NEG9R.28

The most powerful Trina yet!

Extremely robust panel built for Australian elements.

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